Frédéric Vardon's cuisine is elegant, sincere, and committed to the greatest respect for traditions. His top priority: taste.

Frédéric Vardon, the new series on Joie de Vivre TV, gives you an up-close look at the life of a French chef as he sources, prepares, and serves his customers the very best food he can. His philosophy is to make good food taste good, and his love for the French territory show on every table.

From his weekly trips outside of Paris to the family-owned farm to find the freshest ingredients and vegetables to the family-owned butcherie he's worked with for years. Do you see the theme? The breeders, producers, market gardeners and winegrowers - are his priority, just like the men and women who work alongside him every day in the dining room and in the kitchen, to bring the art of living to life.